Houston’s Kubiak – Cut out the middleman?

Gary Kubiak in Houston with the Texans is an interesting and unusual case of owner tolerance of a head coach who for the first 5 years was mediocre at best. Instead of letting him go two years ago, head Texan Bob McNair, renewed and extended his contract after a disappointing season. It is doubtful at that time if a vote of the team’s fan base would have supported that decision. In any event, McNair’s patience has been rewarded with two successive playoff appearances and two victories to boot. Expectations in the Bayou City are sky high for 2013 as Mr. Kubiak enters his 8th season.

In the Houston Chronicle this week, sportswriter Jerome Solomon called the Texan coach “average” and “in the middle” of the current crop of coaches. In fact, we couldn’t agree more. Using our CASH Head coaching evaluation system, we have Gary Kubiak ranks exactly at number 16 of the 32 current active head coaches. At least in Houston things are really looking up as compared to somewhere like Cleveland where they have changed coaches more frequently than they change their underwear. Mr. McNair is proving to be a unique owner when it comes to dealing wit his head coach.

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