The Next Coach of the Houston Texans

Even though he has a year remaining on his contract and Bob McNair has proved himself to be among the most patient owners in the NFL, it is difficult to believe that Head Coach Gary Kubiak will return in 2014. So what does this talent loaded huge flop of a team need to lead it going forward?

Ironically, the Texans need another Gary Kubiak! Believe it or not. We have made a detail study of all the almost 300 head coaches in the NFL over the past 50+ years. We have ranked them all and closely scrutinized their good and bad qualities. We have developed metrics for what it has taken to be successful as a head coach in the NFL based upon this historical perspective. Gary Kubiak’s credentials coming into the job were very close to excellent from our point of view. He did not work out, but that does not mean that he did not bring to the table a number of requisite qualities for success.

The book “The Perfect Pro Football Coach” by Robert DeLuca discusses this process in detail and ranks every NFL coach since the NFL-AFL merger. “The Perfect Pro Football Coach’ will be available as an ebook in all on line bookstores in December.

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