Okay, Smart Guy, Then Who Would You Pick?

It is easy to criticize Obamacare, but what would you replace it with? I am for avoiding NFL retreads (Lovie) and college coaching hotshots (Gus Malzahn), but who would I pick to lead the Texans? There are three guys that in my opinion come to the front based upon their qualifications, although I have no idea about their interest in the job.

1. Pete Carmichael, Offensive Coordinator at New Orleans – Just look what he has done with Drew Breeze; he is in his early 40’s; coached 6 years in college and has spent 14 in the NFL with four different teams; he never played in the NFL and has never been a head coach before; neither is a tragic flaw.
2. Darrell Bevell, Offensive Coordinator at Seattle – A QB at Wisconsin in the mid 90’s; in his mid 40’s also with 6 years of college coaching and 14 years in the NFL; clearly doing a terrific job with the Seahawks; neither an NFL player of head coach will not hurt him.
3. Bill O’Brien, Head Coach at Penn State – Clearly accustomed to handling adversity; at age 44 he spent 14 years coaching in the college ranks before joining Bill Belichick with the Patriots where he enjoyed huge success at the NFL level; during his two years at Penn State under impossible circumstances he is 15-9; he can be tough when necessary.

Bill O’Brien would be my pick. He has been very successful, often under tough conditions, has solid NFL experience, and even some head coaching time at the big time college level. He has worked closely with several young quarterbacks. O’Brien is not a college “hotshot” who is coming off several years of a winning program’s momentum.

He’s the guy.

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