“Bud” McNair

Up to this point in the team’s 12 year existence Bob McNair of the Houston Texans has been regarded as an exemplary owner. On the other hand, he has been the one constant during the entire period and must be held accountable for the team’s basically abysmal performance on the field. Blaming David Carr, Gary Kubiak, or even George Bush only goes so far. Mr. McNair has had the ability to change anything and everything. It is only logical at some point that he must be considered as part of the problem.

 The “just another disaster” at Indianapolis last week was complicated by the owner’s mandate that the plucky, but very overmatched Case Kenum remain at quarterback, while he and the team were getting the stuffing pounded out of them by a mediocre Colts’ defense. Poor Wade Phillips. McNair had just fired Gary Kubiak in part for bringing Matt Schaub into a game in an attempt to win it. With Keenum’s totally ineptness that day  (excuse me, the team did score 3 points) and the offense barely crossing the fifty yard line the entire game, any other coach, under those circumstances, would have replaced the kid with  the former Pro Bowl quarterback pacing the sidelines. You absolutely have to try that – in order to give the team at least some chance at winning. Wade was damned if he did (e.g. Kubiak) and damned if he didn’t- a ridiculous totally inept offense. Clearly, on that day the Texans did not give themselves the best chance to win.

 It was a little like Bud Adams and Jack Pardee’s headset way back when with the Oilers. Adams mandated that Jack wear a headset because he’d look more like a coach on the sidelines. It was okay, though, if they weren’t plugged in.  The “use Case no matter what” edict is about as non-sensible. I hope we are not seeing the arrival of “Bud” McNair.

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