The Hall Missed One: Just the Facts

No sports hall of fame has ever been accused of being particularly objective. The NFL version is certainly no exception. And while we believe that there is more to a candidate’s career than just his record on the field, the numbers should tell most of the story.

 There now about 300 inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame of which 22 or about 7% are coaches. The most recent vote for the Class of 2014, had at least one glaring miss – based strictly on the numbers alone. Tony Dungy deserves to be in the Hall for his superb performance as a coach of the Bucs and Colts. (His off the field activities have been exemplary as well.)

 Using our CASH system to measure coaching performance, Tony ranks a lofty third on our all time list, trailing only John Madden and Vince Lombardi. The CASH system incorporates regular season winning, playoff years, and Super Bowls over the entire course of a coach’s career.

 Of the current list of HOF coaches, 11 of the 13 modern era coaches rank behind Dungy  – in some cases by quite a bit. Here’s how we rank the Hall of Famers – solely based on how their teams performed:

                                               Our Rank        HOF Coach       CASH Score

                                                        1              Madden, John                  2,350

                                                        2              Lombardi, Vince              2,320

                                                        3              Dungy, Tony                     2,304

                                                        6              Shula, Don                        2,251

                                                        7              Allen, George                   2,240

                                                       12             Gibbs, Joe                         2,163

                                                       14             Walsh, Bill                        2,142

                                                       17             Grant, Bud                        2,120

                                                       18             Landry, Tom                     2,097

                                                       23             Noll, Chuck                       1,966

                                                       24             Parcells, Bill                     1,958

                                                       29             Levy, Marv                       1,852

                                                       36             Gillman, Sid                      1,783

                                                       39             Stram, Hank                     1,698

Tony Dungy deserves to be in the Hall.

 For more on how we rate head coaches visit our website-

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